COBO Components

COBO Components

The Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO) is a member-driven standards-setting organization, developing specifications for interchangeable and interoperable optical modules that can be mounted onto printed circuit boards.

The organization was founded to develop a set of industry standards to facilitate interchangeable and interoperable optical modules that can be mounted or socketed on a network switch or network controller motherboard.

Modules based on the COBO standard are expected to reduce the size of the front-panel optical interfaces to facilitate higher port density and also to be more power efficient because they can be placed closer to the network switch chips.

COBO's work is important to make the leap to faster networks with the density needed by today's data centers. COBO’s mission is a game-changer for the industry.

MTP/MPO and MXC to MT, Prizm, FA, laser cleaving fiber, and other innovation multi-fiber interconnect interface products, designed to coordinate with optical module chips, will push forward COBO to reach 400G ultra-high speed network application.

Physical Characteristics

Connector A: 8/16F, 12/24F MTP/MPO connector

Connector B: MT/Prizm/FA/PZ/Laser-cleave

Fiber shape: ribbon

Fiber count: 8/16, 12/24

Fiber type: OM3, OM4; OM1, OM2;OS1,OS2;

Length: 20~100mm, and customized length available

Length tolerance: +500um/-0um

Coupling Mode

Passive coupling with guide pins and 0, 8 degrees

Passive coupling with guide pins and 90 degrees

Active coupling with light source and 0~ 45 degrees


Passive optical interconnect jumper could connect to optical modules, optical FPGA and Silicon photonic chip installed on PCB, and also it could connect to any parallel optical transceiver modules, supporting various network types, including Ethernet network, Infiniband network and Fiber Channel network, the application equipment includes Switches, Servers, Storages, HPC, and, etc.


GR-1435, GR-1221 compliant

Transmission mode: multi-channel serial and parallel transmission mode

High accuracy,

Support:12 x 1.25~3.5G, 2X40G(4x10G), 2X100G(4x25G), 10X10G, 12x10G, 4x32G

IL/RL Specifications

MT IL ≤0.60 dB  typical 0.20dB

MT RL≥20dB

Environment Conditions

-40~+85 oC

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